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Yousuf Al-Nahwi

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Mixed Media, Painting
Born 09.11.1976
Sultanate of Oman
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Member since 2008


Yousuf Al-Nahwi`s creative energy is best expressed through Abstract Art. His paintings are a splurge of bright colors, mostly shades of blue, yellow, violet. While his favorite medium seems to be acrylic, his experiments with different materials in his collages had great results.


Yousuf Al-Nahwi is a plastic artist, a member of Oman Art Society and is a membership of European Artists in Germany. Supervisor of Fine Arts and Photography Law College Sultan Qaboos University (SQU).
He has participated in many local and international festivals and received many awards.
One of his greatest achievements is having set a the Guinness record by in painting the biggest picture ever of Mosaic of his Majesty Sultan-Qaboos.

Most important awards/ symposiums

2013 1st Prize, First Festival Horses & Camels

2012 1st Prize, The Annual 20th Exhibition for Fine Arts

2012 1st Prize, Earth Day Competition, Palestinian Embassy

2011 1st Prize, The Annual 16th Exhibition for Youth

2010 2nd Prize, His Majesty Horsemanship (Al Kaheel) comp