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Zsuzsanna Ardó

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Graphics, Land Art, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Objects, Painting, Photography, Video
Hungary, UK / London,
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Member since 2012


Be it a visual art or curatorial assignment, writing books, articles, film, play or poetry, my work hinges on the butterfly-effect: if a butterfly flaps its wings in Peking, it may trigger a tornado in Pennsylvania. Changing one small thing may change everything. And not just in meteorology or chaos theory. The shape of the butterfly resembles the shape of the brain: an image, an installation, a piece of creative work, an engaged gaze or even a supposedly absent-minded side-glance – each a potential flap of a butterfly. A change in the making.


Voting member of BAFTA and BAJ, arts consultants for SynergySync, and founding chair of Creatives without Borders to investigate contemporary culture critically and creatively. Worked as jury chair, portfolio reviewer and mentor on arts competitions. Her work is collected, published, reviewed and exhibited internationally. Her land art and installations have been featured in Austria, Malta, Macedonia and Slovakia. Commissions for companies and individuals include Beduin life in the Sinai, Roma in Romania, and artwork for creatives. Curator for BAFTA, the Creativity Festival, EC, and Royal Institution.

Most important awards/ symposiums

Artist residences inc. Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, India, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, the UK and the US.
Work has been featured by the EC, the Cordoba Roma Summit, the Guardian, open Democracy, Amnesty etc. Awards inc. the Deutsche Börse Award for Artist in Residence at the Frankfurter Kunstverein, and US scientist/artist expedition artist residency in the Arctic. Poetry premiered by C4 in New York.