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Maria Balea

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Graphics, Painting
Born 01.01.1962
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“The plasticity of the paintings signed by Maria Balea consists in the inventive and successful combining of elements, patterns, fragments, textures and color stains. The paintings surprise us especially by the ingenious and refined stratification of the chromatic sections, of the optical structures, by the richness of shades, as well as by the variety of the plastic signs in their way to coagulate, crystallize and appear…”

János Szekernyés


Since 1999 member of the U.A.P.R. Romania, branch Arad.

Studies: 1988 - 1994, University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Graphics section, Professor Joachim Nica.

10 Personal exhibitions:
Romania, Serbia, France, India (Goa).

Biennials and over 150 collective exhibitions in the country and abroad:
Hungary, Austria, Germany, Jordan, Finland, Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland, India, U.S.A, France.

Most important awards/ symposiums

Over 20 Art Symposiums:
Romania, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Jordan, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Poland, India, Macedonia, France, Azerbaijan.

2009, Prise for Cults and Cultural Patrimony at IX-th edition of contest biennial George Petrascu, Targoviste, Romania.