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Sabine Beuter

Fehlendes Portraitfoto

Born 10.09.1949, † 2015
Germany / Berlin
Member since 2010


Through the story of her life Sabine Beuter was able to collect manifold impressions and experiences from various culture areas. She mirrors them in an expressive but also subtle form in her works.
In her oeuvre the artist deals through an intuitive process with the artistic and with her own inner dynamics. Therein lies a rich ambiguity of visual perceptions, scriptural elements, signs, thoughts, memories and feelings.


1982 until today freelance painter in Berlin and Liguria (Italy)

1981-1998 Architect in Berlin

1980-1992 study visits in Egypt, Morocco, Israel, West Jordan, Brazil, India and Sri Lanca

1975-1981 studies of architecture, TU Berlin, Diploma, studies of fine arts, HdK Berlin
Numerous individual and group exhibitions in galleries, embassies, cultural centers in Germany, Italy, Greece, New York and Los Angeles, USA

Most important awards/ symposiums

Member of Berlin Artists Association.
Sabine Beuter´s paintings do not formulate anything, do not conceptualize any programs, teachings, dogmas; they only insinuate with the mystique of her colours, what could be.