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Varda Breger

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Painting, Writer
Born 18.02.1937
Israel / Tel-Aviv
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Ignoring the elegies of earth.
Wandering birds
from north to south and back,
season after season, millions of miles,
no fuel, no flag, no religion and
no borders.
Feathers of fraternity
caressing the planet.
V. Breger


She has a master’s degree in Chemistry. She is a member of the Israel Forum of Ecological Art, the Tel Aviv Artists Association, and was elected to the International organizations “Artists for Conservation” - AFC, ANF and European Artists. Her works, paintings and poems, deal with Man’s destructive impact on the planet, and social injustices in society. The unique aquarelle style contains many unusual elements, such as tires and shoes. The color`s streams imprison the sad objects, or maybe they reflect our own poor face? Breger won the second award for painting in the 2013 Biennale of Izmir.

Most important awards/ symposiums

2012 My book “Planet of Life”, paintings and poems

2012 Honorable mention Atravita World-Wide Art books

2012 2nd Leonardo prize for Works on Paper Biennale Chianciani, Italy

2011 1st Leonardo prize for Works on Paper Biennale Chianciani, Italy

2004 Prague, Franz Kafka Medal

Symposia: Slovakia, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Finland, Austria and England.