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Katia Canton

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Drawing, Installation, Objects, Photography
Born 14.10.1962
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My work articulates the storytelling potential of art to produce the magical and transcendental in human experience. Both in my masters and doctoral research I dealt with fairy tales as paradigms of narratives in Western society. In my performance work, I created the concept of “the fairy tale of every life”, using workshops with different audiences to recollect the fantastic aspects of one´s lives. I also draw, publish poetry and illustrate stories and children´s books in the same purpose. My current work, “Domestic Fantasies” is a visual diary of singular aspects of love and eroticism.


I studied architecture at Universidade Mackenzie and journalism at the School of Communication and Arts, Universidade de São Paulo. I also worked as a dancer, and got a scholarship to dance and teach at Peter Goss school in Paris, in 1984. From 1986 to 1993, I lived in New York, where I got my Master in Performance studies and PhD in Arts at New York University. Back in São Paulo since then, I work at the Museum of Contemporary Art as a curator and art professor. As an artist I have been participated in many exhibitions, particularly researching fairy tales as theme.

Most important awards/ symposiums

1994 literary award “Contemporary Authors”  for the book “The Fairy Tale Revisited”, Gale Research Institute, Michigan

Exihibitions “Once upon a Time” at museums Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, São Paulo, and Dragao do Mar, Fortaleza, Brazil

Symposiums in India, Slovakia, China