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Marisa Cortese

Fehlendes Portraitfoto

Graphics, Mixed Media, Painting
Born 1954
Member since 2009


The artworks of Marisa Cortese are like stories, each has its own. Cortese works with all kinds of materials like fabrics, feathers, photographs. She brings them together in her own special way. After a long reflection she starts painting on top of this collage. The results are beautiful colours and textures. They create a wonderful combination and melt together.



Marisa Cortese lives and works in Verbania. She graduated from the Accademia Albertina in Turin and has taught art at institutes of various types and levels. She currently teaches in the Commercial Graphic Design Section of the Franzosini Ferrini Institute in Verbania. She organizes and curates artistic events, including International Symposia of Contemporary Art in various Italian cities. As an artist, she has been exhibiting since 1980 in national and international exhibitions, both personal and collective.

Most important awards/ symposiums

Symposiums in Italy: Verbania, Gardone Val Trompia (BS), Biella, Varallo (VC), Cumiana (TO), Sormano (CO), lobster (NA), Serino (SA)

Symposiums which were attended abroad:
Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Finnand, Ger-
many, China, Spain, Romania, Slovenia, Greece

She collaborates with associations and foundations in the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Italy