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Damiana Degaudenzi

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Painting, Sculptor
Born 20.08.1959
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Member from 2003 to 2011


My Art is in continuous development, it is coherent with the changes in my life.
I work on specific “series”. Each serie represents a specific time of my life.
Sometimes it is introspective: it digs inside, it lacerates and it brings out into the work the condition of my soul (X-Rays, Reminiscences, Around and Inside Me, Atavistic series).
Sometimes it appears like a look around myself, made of objects found and filed (Da Vinci Code, Archives series).


Artist, teacher, restorer. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice. In 1999 she was included in the 34° edition of the Catalogo dell’Arte Moderna, G. Mondadori. In 2003 she organized the International Symposium of Contemporary Art in Varallo (I). In 2007 she was curator of I° Interna-
tional Atelier in Rossa (I). In 2008 she was curator of En Plein Air, Symposium of Slovenian Artists in Cellio (I). Her Fly´sculpture is shown in the Expo Park in Bratislava (SK).
Her Archives sculpture is shown in the Expo Park in Prague (CZ).

Most important awards/ symposiums

3°Prize New Delhi, Art on Paper, Symposium: LT, I, A, E, H, DE, SLO, RO, SRB, SK, FIN, CZ, HR.
Personal exhibitions: Vienna(A), Pecs, Nagykanizsa (H), Dravograd(Slo), Siauliai(Lt), Milano, Vercelli, Borgosesia, Ghemme, Valduggia (I).
Art Fairs: Artissima, Torino, Miart, Milano(I); 12° International Kunstmesse, Salzburg (A).