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Laurentius U. Englisch OFM

Fehlendes Portraitfoto

Graphics, Mixed Media, Objects, Painting, Sculptor
Born 10.10.1939
Germany / Hürtgenwald
Member since 2004


My art is interpretation of life, meditation and therapy, activates the beholder, to let his/her own desires live, to admit the burying primal urges, to countermand the partitions of mind, will and senses.
Art wants to be a projection screen for the viewer and point out the road to wholeness.



1970-1975 Studied at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf Masters degree under Prof. Beate Schiff, Prof. Joseph Beuys and Prof. Heerich Götz

1962 Entry (as teacher) into Franziskus-Gymnasium (High School) in Vossenack

1954 Moved to Düsseldorf, Germany

Works as a sculptor, painter, graphic, teacher and priest.

Most important awards/ symposiums

Many national and international exhibitions. His works are published in public places, buildings and private collections.