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Pirjo Heino

Fehlendes Portraitfoto

Curator, Graphics, Visual Artist
Born 26.04.1956
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Member since 2003


“In my art works I represent life and its surprises. I think realist based on biological facts. Still I find my subjects from the line between private and collective experience. My works can be figurative or abstract but each of them is also my self portrait. Through working I become aware of my own identity and life situation.

I use methods, materials and experimental items as tools. I select them considering what kind of result I want. My goal is to create esthetic and touching works. I work in series and try to surprise myself. After entitling them I do not like to explain my works.

I appreciate activity and cooperation. That’s why I am acting also as a curator on art fields. Besides art and exhibitions I am interested in literature, music and wild walking.”


2006- 2011 artist and curator of Hovinkartano Art Centre in Hauho, Finland

Since 2003 most of the exhibitions & symposiums of European Artists Association

2002/ 2004 Coaster-/Tile-projects/exhibitions of Transcultural Exchange world wide

Since 1995 juried group exhibitions of European Cultural Association and Finroart XXI foundation in Europe

Since 1997 Exhibitions of KIRJO group in Finland

Since 1990 juried group exhibitions of Artists Association of Hämeenlinna in Finland, Germany, UK, Sweden,  Israel

Since 1989 more than sixty solo exhibitions in Finland

1988- 1995 Studies of visual art and art history in Hyvikää Art School and University of Tampere.

Most important awards/ symposiums

Works in museums and important collections world wide. Since 2003 participations in international art symposiums and conferences in Austria, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine and USA