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Corneliu Ionescu

Fehlendes Portraitfoto

Graphics, Painting
Born † 2010
Member since 2003


Known as a representative personality in the contemporary art, not only in Romania, also in the world, Corneliu Ionescu is part of the great family of geometrical abstrac-
tion; his conceptual option expresses a personal sigh with symbolic loads, bearer of a spiritual message, result of an interior explora­tion. These geometrical forms are associa-
ted oneself with a chromatic refinement, which is evidence of the intensity of the force of his artistic elements in a pure and free manner, wishing to transmit directly his personal emotions.


Licentiate’s degree in Painting University of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Disciple of master Corneliu Baba.
University Professor and Doctor degree in Visual Arts.

Died in 2010.

Till 1963 exhibitions in galleries and museums from Romania and abroad; like Germany, Austria, England, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, France, China, South Korea, Japan, Argen-tina, Egypt, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech, etc.
He was distinguished with many artistic prizes and diplomas.

Most important awards/ symposiums

Essen, Berlin, Stuttgart, Bremen: Germany; Paris, Tours, Orleans, La Rochelles, Collioure: France; Salzburg, Anras, Leoben: Austria; Roma, Torino, Milano, Verbania, Napoli, Sperlinga, Occhieppo: Italy; Heze: China; Hovinkartano, Hämenlinna, Seinajoki: Finland; Seoul: South Korea; El Gouna: Egypt;