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Sonja Koczula

Sonja Koczula

Graphics, Painting
Born 25.07.1976
Germany / Hamburg
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Member since 2004


Dealing with symbols and traces as well as their forces and movements has been my central artistic topic for several years. I am interested in the specific dynamics of the different self-developed character shapes and symbols, that is the impression of movement and thus of space (of time) that is conveyed. In general, the traces are the remainder and the vague documentation of an event or process. They bear witness to events and thus to movements. Symbols unlock events in the environment, provide references and explanations and are synonymous with the known. They structure our lives and in everyday life provide us with the safety that we need. The meaning of the world is embedded in the symbol and its stability ensures that we can communicate.
The dark shapes against the bright background developing in my works often seem to mean definite objects. However, a moment of irritation on the part of the observer is intended when a symbol that has been set vehemently and specifically apparently reminds confidently of events and raises questions relating to a supposedly known meaning.


1996 - 2004 Study of Art and Literature (Painting and drawing under Prof. Elke Hergert and Prof. Hartmut Girke, graphic reproduction under Prof. Thomas Rohrmann), University of Osnabrück; Magistra Artium M.A. degree.

Exhibitions, Projects and Collaboration with Gallerys in Osnabrück, Münster, Hamburg, Kassel, Köln, Bochum, Berlin, Konstanz, Karlsruhe, Essen, Weinheim, Saarlouis, Rendsburg, Paderborn and Gronau, and in Austria, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Egypt, Hungary and in the USA.

Most important awards/ symposiums:

Award of Art- and Culturefoundation Villa Stahmer, Georgsmarienhütte

Collection Hartwig Piepenbrock, Berlin

Collection Library in Alexandria, Egypt

Collection Museum of Modern Contemporary Art, El Minia, Egypt

Collection IKH (chambers of industry and commerce) in Osnabrück

Graphic collection University Osnabrück


Koczula-sonja 2016 kz1-1 mtab 140x100-cm

Koczula-sonja 2017 k3-2 mtal 30x40x6-cm

Koczula-sonja 2016 k1-2 mta 120x160x6-cm

Koczula-sonja 2017 k3-6 mtal 30x40x6-cm

Koczula-sonja 2017 k4-1 mtal 145x160x6-cm

Koczula-sonja 2017 k4-2 mtal 145x160x6-cm