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Paula Kouwenhoven

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Born 19.10.1953
The Netherlands / Delft
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Member since 2011


I use for my inception the symbol of the Roman goddess Venus, which is used to indicate the female sex, as the constellation Libra, which is associated with the element air and is traditionally ruled by the same goddess Venus. The round shapes of the signs can also be recognized in the triangles and arrows as symbols of strength and willpower. Behold the female and male, two polarities that we also may recognize in birth-rebirth, growth-arrest, open and closed forms, passive and active energy, sensuality-spirituality. colors, depth, balance, composition.


Paula Kouwenhoven frequented the The Royal Academy for Art in The Hague. Her work was exposed frequently in authoritative galleries in The Netherlands and in foreign countries (e.g. Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Greece, Canada).
shows in her work the deep admiration and feelings of consanguinity with extinct cultures, nature and things that have been. From this consanguinity a lot of her work comes into being and it shows the modest emotion, that only a few may encounter in the same way.

Most important awards/ symposiums

2003-2004 Trainer ABC project, Bulgaria

2003 Winner of the “A.J. Prins Culture Price”

2000 Winner of the “Klaverblad” price guest lectures

1998 School of Art Ottawa, Canada Symposia

2011 Okinawa Japan

2010 Yogyakarta Indonesia

2009 Europeen artist ass. Germany

2009 Thessaloniki