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Zoltán Ludvig

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Born 13.01.1953
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He acquired his professional education in advertising art and at the Art Academy Pécs. Besides painting he works in advertising art and interior design. Since 1999 he is promoter and Art Director of the Ludwig International artist colony.  Since 2006 he is organizer of Kendlimajor Art Academy - workshop, which is situated in Kendlimajor, Hungary.

With his work he takes part in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Hungary and other countries.

Mostimportant awards/ symposiums

Simposio Internationale di Arte – Occhiepo, Verbania, Italy;
European Artist e.v. Symposiums in Essen, Leoben and Egypt;
Hudek Art, Croatia; Csuta International Symposium, Hungary;
International Symposiums in Slovakia, Bulgaria and China;