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Eva Mazzucco

Fehlendes Portraitfoto

Drawing, Painting, Sculptor
Born 1925, † 2013


Eva Mazzucco has been a practising artist for more than 40 years. She was a recognised Artist and one of the most famous sculptors in Austria. She has produced more than 60 large sculptures which can be found in all 15 Squares in Salzburg. One of her most famous works is the St. Franzis-
kus which stands in front of the Pfarr Hermann Church. Art was not only a profession for Mazzucco but a way of life. To fund her work, she gave regular courses to children and adults and had many contacts in both Eastern Europe and Asia.
Mazzucco´s works can be seen in many influential galleries worldwide and her work has been the subject of many prizes both at home and abroad.


1992 Awarded the title of Professor in Austria

1949–1955 Studied Visual Art at Art Academy under Prof. Fritz Cremer, Prof. Hand Knesl and Prof. Günther Baszel, Diploma in Sculpture at the Art Akademie in Vienna, since graduating, has been a practising artist

1946–1948 School of Drawing & Painting,at Edel Noth Keramik course in Ba-ron Hauser

Most important awards/ symposiums

2004 Gold Award, Salzburg & Vienna

1985 Silver Award, city of Salzburg

1968 First Prize, Graphics in Rome

1962 Gold Medal for Sculpture

More than 300 Exhibitions, more than 60 sculptures and reliefs and approximately 2000 works can be found all over the world.
Participated in many International Symposiums.