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Jim Moonie

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Photography, Video
Born 25.08.1954
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Member since 2010


Having worked for so long in a studio environment, and been responsible for ensuring all the various production departments were properly financed and their products produced on-schedule and within budget, it is now a pleasure to get behind the camera and to shoot and edit videos which get broadly promoted and used. In my current work, we are expanding into live production and streaming, which is even more demanding but more fun. I’ve taken great delight in producing videos for the European Artists and hope to produce more with them. I’m seeking new publics and outlets for my video productions.


22 year veteran of film/video/stills studio work in Hollywood and California, covering areas of pre-production, post production and live studio production in a large film production complex. Experienced in film budget management, location scouting/management, logistics and film/video export and distribution as well as large scale event management.
4 years with University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland, handling video production and still photography.
Last 3 years with University of St Andrews, shooting and editing videos for academic use, as well as promotional videos for the University.

Most important awards/ symposiums

European Artists Symposium 2008, 2010, (making videos for the team).
Contributing to ‘Ever to Excel’ video for University of St Andrews 600th Anniversary for use in worldwide promotional tours in 2013. (Narrated by Sir Sean Connery).