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Martha Nieuwenhuijs

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Born 13.08.1946
The Netherlands, Italy / Turin
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Member since 2007


“My father was a painter therefore I chose other mediums. It is funny, after a life dedicated to Fiber art, I began to paint on canvas just before the symposium of 2006 because there were three canvases waiting for me in Essen… and since then I have not left my color palette and my brushes. Painting came at the end of a long journey, almost a promised land.”
(From a letter to Karola Teschler)


Born into a family of artists. Lives and works in Turin. She experimented since her early years with ceramic and painting, living in Denmark, Switzerland, Italy and for ten years in Paris. In 1966 she moved to Turin, where she attained a university degree in political sciences. In 1973 she began to experiment with Fiber Art creating tapestries in mixed techniques and promoting Fiber Art in Italy. In 1998 she founded the International Biennial of Fiber Art “Trame d’autore” in Chieri (Turin) and the Civic collection of Fiber art. Interested in shared art she has worked together with visual artists and poets on artist’s books.  Her current research focuses on acrylic and oil painting. Works in several public and private collections.

Most important awards/ symposiums

International Art Symposium in Verbania, Italy in 2003, 2005; Alea Jacta, Ivrea, Italy in 2005, 2006, 2007; International European Artists Symposium in Essen, Germany in 2006, 2007.