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Miodrag Peric

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Born 14.02.1971
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Member since 2011


There is a need for artists the decontextualize the objects that used to be the status symbols of the middle classes, or have been used too frequently, to be subsequently pushed aside by the technologically more advanced items, by sculpturally shaping them and bringing them into strange relations with mutually diverse forms both in respect of their origin and their ontological status.


Graduated at Academy of Fine Arts (department: sculpture) in Novi Sad (1997).

He is a cofounder and art director of art Symposium IN VIVO, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Lives and work in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Most important awards/ symposiums

He exhibited solo his work 25 times, and participated in numerous group exhibitions and symposiums in Serbia and abroad, Germany, Greece, India, Romania, Hungary, etc…)