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Petra Höcker

Petra Höcker

Mixed Media, Painting
Born 03.03.1966
Germany / Osnabrück
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Member since 2006


The traces that Petra Höcker is constantly searching for among her surroundings, finding and recording in her artistic work, are the traces of life.

She references them in her work and there they continue to exist – not only in the sense of having been documented, but as a symbol that is capable of development and that has already undergone development from the moment it was fixed on paper or canvas. And she doesn’t stop there either: the notes made are painted over and hidden, submerged beneath to some extent sculptural, built-up layers of paint, they are then re-exposed, accompanied by drawn or painted commentaries, or listed like a succession of events emerging from the depths.


2001 Freie Mitarbeiterin der Kunsthalle Osnabrück im Bereich Ausstellungskonzeption und Projektleitung [bis 2002]

2002 Studium bei Prof. Klaus Neuper, Nürnberg [bis 2005]

2002 Freischaffende Künstlerin

2006 Mitgliedschaft European Artists e.V.

2007 Gründung der Produzentengalerie, Osnabrück [bis 2014]


Name des Werkes

Name des Werkes