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Georg Pütz

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Graphics, Musician, Painting, Sculptor, Writer
Born 1961
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From my parents strongly encouraged in learning creative, artistic expressions, it is for me a primal need to be constantly sensitiv for and inspired by the wonder of life and to express the perceived in diversified new creations. Likewise, it is for me from childhood on a need to inspire those around me to the sensitive, inspiring perception of life and the joy and collective empathy lying there in.
The drawing and watercolors, as well as the observations of the nature are the roots and everlasting source of inspiration for my artistic work. A fixed style or a preferred technique are not pursued by me. It is more a journey with the goal much to experience and learn. Entering new unknown paths invites again and again my creativity. At the crossroads of these ways then I see the underlying similarities and fundamental principles.


Gepe (Georg Pütz) is a well-known visual artists, designers and musicians from Cologne, Germany. After his art studies with Prof. Karl Marx at the Arts University Cologne, the design studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and acting training at Walter Lott, Actors Studio, he participated in numerous exhibitions and organized themselves art exhibitions and art events. He designed sets and costumes, played drums in various bands and for the „Total Ton“ and the „Atatak“ music studio and he worked as a designer for agencies. In 2009, he founded the COMO European Association for Arts and Culture and the cultural promotion publishing cubicle 03. COMO and the European Artists e. V. pursue common goals on different ways in close cooperation.

Most important awards/ symposiums

1983 „Galeria Cadaqués“, Cadaques, Spain

„Die weiße Galerie“, Cologne, Germany

1985 Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany

1986 „Galerie Image“, Amsterdam, Netherlands

since 1987 Concept for the Performance Art „Assembly Line Art®“

1991 Fuji Fine Arts Award, Tokyo/Frankfurt

1993 Stage set and costume design

2005 Gallery „Tornado-am-Ostkreuz“, Berlin, Germany

2011 Commissioned work, „Jackson at Singel“ for HQ Akzo Nobel b.v., Amsterdam, Netherlands

since 2011 COMO Exhibitions in Germany and Italy

since 2012 Drip-It® Events

2014 Retrospective 01 – Gepe 1984 – 2014, COMO Exhibition Hall Bonn, Germany

since 2014 Member in the European Artists e.V. (cooperation between the COMO European Association for Arts and Culture an the European Artists e.V.)

Member in the IGBK