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Rudi Punzo

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Multimedia, Performance, Sculptor, Soundart
Born 11.02.1954
Italy / Turin
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Member since 2004


The Turin based artist Rudi Punzo is interested in metamorphosis and its symbiotic relationship with artistic transformation - the transformative act of making art out of discarded, abandoned and cast-off refuse.
Similarly Punzo teases music out of his marvelously kinetic art works to produce magical sculptural/aural hybrids - wonderfully ever-changing, renewing and surprising and has presented his artworks and performances worldwide.


2013 Sound Residency at KHOJ International Artists’ Association, New Delhi, India

2012 Sculpture Symposium, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan; 20th International Art Residency - Haslla Art World Museum, South Korea

2011 19th International ArtResidency - Haslla Art World Museum, South Korea; 22nd - MUM - LPM Live Performers Meeting - Rome; 22nd -CYBERDRONYX – Harvest works - NY, USA;  -MUM A/V Generators - with Derek Hoffend -Mobius - Boston, MA, (USA)-

2010 4th CYBERDRONYX - Festival de Arte Digital -Belo Horizonte BR

Most important awards/ symposiums

2013 Sound Residency at KHOJ, New Delhi, India

2012 Sculptures Symposium, Taipei National University, Taiwan

2011 20th Int. Art Residency at Haslla Museum, South Korea

2011 19th Int. March 13, ARTOUR-O, Firenze, awarded with Maria Fulvia Leopizzi Prize