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Norio Takaoka

Fehlendes Portraitfoto

Painting, Sculptor
Born 14.04.1950
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Member since 2008


I am Japanese.
I was born and grew up in the Japanese culture.
I live in Japan.
I like traveling to different places and
I like to encounter different culture.
Because it gives me stimulation on my works.


2011 Spazio arte Pisanello (Verona, Italy)

2010 SHODA HOYU Company (Tatebayashi, Japan)

1997–2006 Gallery Schubert (Milan, Italy)

1992 Gallery EXPOSITVM (Mexico-City, Mexico)

1992 Dispatch to Italy as overseas research artist (The Agency for Cultur Affairs)

1990 Trip to Mexico and US

1989 Trip to Europe

1976 KANAZAWA University of art and Polytechnics, Kanazawa-City Ishikawa-Prefecture, Japan

Most important awards/ symposiums

2001 “The 19th Contemporary Sculpture Exihibition” The National Modern Museum of Tokyo Prize

1994 Awarded NAKAHARA TEIJIROU Memorial Superior Prize

1990 “The International ABC Competition of Art” Awarded Silver Medal, Osaka EXPO ‘90

Symposiums: Italy, Mexico, Germany, Egypt, India, Austria