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Ulrich Langenbach

Ulrich Langebach

Experimental Music, Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Video
Born 1950
Germany / Siegen
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Langenbach creates with his intuitive, own blending of drawing, text, painting, photography, and collages the cover, the frame, the indication for the viewer`s significant perceptions. His interventions are paradoxical, a concentrated disclosure of trivialities, which construe unwonted questions. Almost in defiance the word fragments, the parts of sentences, the radical or philosophical comments seem to assert themselves besides his often scenic, uncomplicated comical, sketchily naive or grotesquely exaggerated painting.


2004-2006 visiting professor University of Siegen

2000-2001 visiting professor Bauhaus University, Weimar

1999-2000 teaching assignment, Bauhaus University, Weimar

1995-2000 Free Art Academy (Freie Kunstakademie), Basel

1978 beginning of artistic work;  projects, installations, photography, painting, drawing, video, texts, experimental jazz

1970-1981 blues- / jazzmusician / experiments

Exhibitions (among others) in Berlin, München, Luzern, Paris, Wien, Köln, Freiburg, Bonn, Basel, Hamburg, Zuerich