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José Marquez Valdes

Fehlendes Portraitfoto

Born 04.07.1961
Cuba, Spain


A lyrical abstractionism with input practice Jose Marquez, who presents poetical works of virulence that are open to poetry and reverie. He creates a universe where the white of the canvas comes with the colour in an inspired imagination dialogue, which also contained some pseudo quotes.
The artist enters into an integral expression of the direct transmission of personal emotions.


1978 – 82 National Academy or Art “San Alejandro“ La Habana

1982 – 89 Superior Institut of Art (ISA), La Habana

1989 – 93 Professor (University teacher) of art in Escuela Provincial de Arte “Juan Pablo Duarte” in Guira City, Cuba.

1993 – 94 University teacher of Art in Escuela Elemental de Arte 20 de Octubre La Habana

2000 – 01 Teacher in Private School of Art “San Alejandro“, Palma, Spain

Since 2002 Teacher of Art in “Son Fusteret“, Palma

Most important awards/ symposions

Collaborator in many magazines. Has many works in Hospitals and Hotels in La Habana, Cuba, many works in private and public collections in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Portugal, USA, Germany, China and Egypt.

Participation in many national and international symposiums and exhibitions.
Member of Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (UNEAC)