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Rena Wota

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Graphics, Mixed Media, Objects, Painting, Performance
Born 17.05.1948
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Member since 2004


(...) In latest works Rena Wota focuses on the building of multi-layered spatial objects of ascetic form, created with canvas or grey packing paper, which is painted or printed. Through simple actions, the author prepares / forms / assembles – in her own unique and direct way – single or multi-part objects, or rather things, designed for touching, stroking, but also browsing, searching and finding familiar traces, the analysis of recognized signs, association of found facts, and ultimately – also for reading (...) Woytek Grela, Rena Wota / Record of the energy of places.


Free lancer, member of ZPAMiG / Union of Polish Painters and Graphic Artists and EAA/ European Artists Association in Germany.

From 1998 deals in painting, graphics and unique textile, creates objects, installations, actions and performances. Her works and realizations were presented in Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Finland, Egypt, Greece, Holland and USA.

Most important awards/ symposiums

2010 Grand Prix on 6th International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial (Krosno / PL)

2009 The laureate of International Painting Triennial of Carpathian Region “Silver Quadrangle” (Przemysl / PL)

2009 Yearly Art Prize of Marian Stronski (Przemysl / PL). Grant from the President of the City.